Question: Why do Piper promote Centrifugal pumps to load milk?

Posted: 2011-06-05
Written by: Ryan Gannon

Answer: We have listened and looked at what the accepted experts in the dairy industry say about it.

From :

“Uses of the Pumps

  • Centrifugal pumps move relatively light liquids like milk, cream or whey in the dairy industry. In the bakery business, they are used for batter, oils, fats, yeast slurry and flavorings. Centrifugal pumps also move beverages and even things like blood for the meat packing industry. Jet pumps can also be used for these applications. Positive displacement pumps are used for more viscous materials like jellies, baby food and yogurt. Airlift pumps are less common today than in the past, but can be used for nonviscous liquids.”