About Piper Systems

Piper Systems Ltd - Metering, Information and Control for the Dairy Industry - is a company which sells and services metering and allied equipment. The aim of the company is to profit through creating and applying solutions which meet the needs and/or exceed the expectations of its customers.printer.jpgpd340.gif

What does Piper do?

  • We make the equipment that measures the milk being collected from the farm
  • We maintain milk collection equipment for our customers
  • We use new technology to develop new and better systems for our customers.

Why Piper Systems?

  • Innovation
  • 4 way butterfly valves
  • Now a UK Milk Industry “Standard”
  • High Speed Metering Systems
  • Now the aim for the Dairy industry in Britain and Ireland
  • We design systems to suit customers, not customers to suit systems
  • We use generic equipment from quality manufacturers
  • Piper Systems solutions are effective and cost efficient